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  AWS Commercial
These high performance windows and doors are ideal for architecturally designed houses and apartments where size and strength are priorities. AWS Commercial profiles reflect contemporary preferences for clean, flush surfaces, continuous sightlines and square-edged forms. The various products have been designed with aesthetic unity in mind - similar looks and lines for windows and doors so that a seamless 'family' appearance is achieved.
AWS Commercial window and door systems are fully tested, dedicated frames designed for large sashes. Integrated sub sills and nailing fins are incorporated into AWS Commercial windows. A full suite of products is offered, with all door types capable of heights of three metres and higher, depending on the wind exposure. Hinged and bi-fold doors come standard with 50mm thick stiles that allow us to offer doors up to three metres high which comply with relevant Australian standards. These wider, thicker stiles are ideal for fitting a large range of commercial hardware.
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AWS Commercial

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